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Prices & Enrollment

All clients agree to our Friendly Policies & Terms.  Remember we have a "No Questions Asked" refund policy!

Every licensed driver under 18 must complete driver's education
and six hours of behind-the-wheel training.  To get both, choose the Complete License Package, or you can pay-as-you-go by getting started right now with our Online Driver's Education course.  A permit is required for behind-the-wheel training. Teens under 17 must complete driver's ed before they can get a permit.

Training Packages:
Teens or Adults: Six Hours of Behind-the-Wheel Training $370 - Enroll Now!

For those who already have a permit and need three 2-hour lessons.  We pick you up at your home, school or workplace.  Teens who take this course will be given a Certificate of Completion of Driver Training (DL400D) at the end of the third lesson.

Teens: Complete License Package $390 - Enroll Now!

For teens age 15 to 17. Take the driver's education course online -- right now!  Your Certificate of Completion of Driver's Education (DL400C) will be mailed to you automatically the next business day.  Bring the certificate to the DMV, pass the written test and you'll get your permit!  Then call us to schedule your first lesson!

"Pay-As-You-Go" Pricing:
Teens: Online Driver's Education $40 - Enroll Now!

For teens age 15 to 17.  Take the course right now, online!  If you are not yet 15½, you can take this course, but you must be 15½ on the day you apply for a permit.  Since you must also wait six months to get a license, you cannot get your license on your 16th birthday unless you begin the course before you are 15.  After you complete the online course, your Certificate of Completion of Driver's Education (DL400C) will be mailed to you automatically either the same day, or the next business day, so you will have it within 1 or 2 business days.  Teens must also complete six hours of behind-the-wheel training to get a license. If you are under 17 your permit is not valid to drive (even with parents) until it is endorsed by a professional instructor at the time of your first behind-the-wheel lesson!

Teens or Adults: One 2-hour Behind-the-Wheel Lesson $140 - Enroll Now!

Of course you can purchase one lesson at a time, and you can add lessons to any package.  Pricing is always either one lesson purchased at a time (2 hours) at this pricing, or three lessons purchased at a time (6 hours) at the pricing above.

Drive Tests in Our Vehicles:

PLEASE NOTE: We generally recommend that you take your drive test in a vehicle you're familiar with.  Drive test services are only available after an instructor has determined you are likely to pass.  To ensure availability it is usually best if we schedule the DMV appointment for you, but if you already have an appointment, please call us and we will do our best to make an instructor available.

Drive Test in Our Vehicle (With NO pre-test refresher lesson) $160
Call to schedule

If using your own car isn't an option, or if you just prefer our vehicles, an instructor can pick you up at home, school or work with our vehicle.  You will do the driving to the DMV, and the instructor will provide any tips for passing the test en-route.   You may prefer to add a 1-hour or 2-hour refresher lesson before the test, described below. 

Drive Test in Our Vehicle + 1 Hour Refresher Lesson $200
Call to Schedule

Same as the item above with 1 hour of refresher training before the test.  This is usually just enough time to become re-acclimated with the car and the test requirements, and to settle your nerves.

Drive Test in Our Vehicle + 2 Hour Refresher Lesson
Call to Schedule

Same as the item above with 2 hours of refresher training before the test.  Two hours is usually enough to simulate the test a couple times and to make good progress on any trouble areas.

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