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Our Instructors

People choose West Point to learn lifetime skills from experienced professional drivers!  To attract and retain the very best, we start by offering higher pay rates than any other driving school in the area.  So when we're hiring, many apply and few make the grade.

New instructor candidates must exhibit high standards of professionalism, friendliness, extreme patience, and the ability to teach.  They must also possess extensive driving knowledge to teach effectively.  To meet this criteria, every instructor candidate must have several years of prior employment which must include at least one of the following:

●   Law enforcement training, e.g. California Highway Patrol
●   Proven commercial large vehicle driving experience
●   Experience as a DMV examiner, administering the same drive test you will take
●   Certification as an instructor for large vehicle operators

As an additional hiring requirement, each instructor must have held a driver's license in the United States for at least 15 years.

Attention job seekers: Even if you're already licensed through another driving school, these additional requirements still apply.  Every new hire will receive the same intensive training as if he or she is new to the industry.

How We Train Instructors
All newly-hired instructors start from a solid foundation as true driving experts — and then we invest heavily in training!  Far beyond the DMV's requirements for instructor's licenses (a 60-hour course), our instructor training can take a month or more.  We won't release instructors to work with students until they've learned our exclusive training techniques, including how to recognize and eliminate common student driving errors, defensive driving with a focus on new drivers, and of course... Our unique brand of customer service!

Each instructor must also spend at least 20 hours driving from the passenger side of the car, including evasive maneuvers!  This is unique to West Point; our cars are specially-equipped for it.  This exclusive part of our instructor training is the reason our instructors are known for their unmatched ability to remain calm while keeping a car under control — even if the student can't.

The Instructor's Role
The instructor's job is simply to give you the best training experience possible.  A West Point Instructor is a trainer, coach, and customer service representative.  At all times, your instructor/co-pilot remains alert for road hazards and is ready to respond in case you need help.

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