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Our Unique Approach

Six simple principles make us who we are...

Principle No. 1
Invest in Excellence
Providing excellent service means we make choices.  We choose to spend more money on brand new cars, higher pay for instructors, longer employee training, more frequent car washes, better‑educated office staff, and so on.  And we choose to avoid the cost‑cutting practice of "piggybacking."  These choices aren't always the best way to make a quick dollar, but this is how we built our rock-solid reputation.  You can expect West Point Driving School to be in business for a very long time.

Principle No. 2
Stand Behind a Fair Refund Policy
This shouldn't be a big deal, but our refund policy is almost unheard-of in the driving school industry.  Nearly every other driving school has a "no refunds, no exceptions" policy.  Our policy is just plain fair: We return your money for any pre-paid service you don't wish to use.  Our office staff doesn't need management approval to issue a refund.

Principle No. 3
Let the Client Do Their Research
We don't hire "telemarketers."  Our phone staff is thoroughly trained to answer all your questions.  It's not their job to "close the sale" — it's yours!  We want you to be well informed.  Call as often as you like; we love questions!  Check online reviews, and check with the Better Business Bureau.  You'll let us know when you're ready, and we can wait.

Principle No. 4
Never Sell a Client More Than They Need

Every instructor and staff member is specifically trained that we will always operate our business with integrity.  We will not oversell our services, and we never "milk the clock." — We maintain a measured pace of instruction so you can see your own steady progress.

Principle No. 5
Give the Client Maximum Value for Their Time
Each lesson will introduce you to as many new skills as our time together allows.  Mastery of skills will come during practice and repetition, which usually happens with the family, not with us.  This means you finish each lesson well-equipped to make your practice time as productive as possible.  A good lesson should be slightly intense, but never overwhelming or frightening.

Principle No. 6
Work With the Family as a Team
Very few driving schools allow family members to ride along, and those that do tell you it's a bad idea.  Most students and family members say it helps a lot.  But it's your decision, not ours.  If a family member rides along, they will learn techniques to keep the car relatively safe as the new driver practices, while also expanding the learner's horizons.  This leads to faster learning and less frustration for everyone.  If a family member can't ride along, our instructors will want to pass along information after each lesson if possible.

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