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Adult Training

Most driving schools demand higher prices for adults.  Our prices are the same for everyone.  Adult students include:

●   Drivers from other countries who need to help passing the test in California
●   Young adults over 18 who didn't get their license during high school
●   People who simply never needed a license until now
●   Licensed drivers who were referred to the DMV Driver Safety Office.  This can happen after a traffic incident, a seizure or stroke, a change in visual acuity, or other events.  These drivers are often senior citizens.

How Many Lessons Should You Take?
For adults, the answer to this question depends on many factors.  The best way to find out is to take one lesson.  To save money, consider paying in advance for a bundle of three lessons.  (If you choose not to continue, we'll gladly refund the unused portion, so there's no risk in buying three or more lessons at once.)  The first lesson will help your instructor determine:

●   Your current level of driving skill
●   How quickly you're learning
●   If you have a car you can use for practice and someone to ride with you
●   What are your goals:
-   Do you expect to do any long-distance driving?
-   Will you only be driving to the grocery store, doctor's office, etc?
-   Do you want to be safe on the freeway?
-   Do you just want to pass the driving test to get a license?

After the first lesson, your instructor will provide an honest estimation of the likelihood that you might pass the test with your current skills, and how much we can increase your chances of passing with a combination of lessons and practice.

If you're brand new to driving, two hours with us can be as effective as ten hours of practice.  But as your skill increases, the benefit from training decreases.  We will always keep you informed of our assessment of your progress.

Reasonable Expectations
If you have prior driving experience and someone to practice with, you might take one lesson to become familiar with the test.  That may be all you need.

But many of our adult students have never driven, and some of them have no one to practice with.  In these cases, 100% of their driving experience will be in our car until they go for the test.  Of these students, the majority will pass the driving test with about nine lessons (18 hours).  Very few will be able pass the driving test with only six lessons (12 hours.)   Some will require thirty lessons (60 hours) or more before they're ready.  Every student is unique, but no matter what, we want you to meet your goals.

How Often to Schedule Lessons
If you're able to practice with family or friends, we suggest adults should take a lesson every one to two weeks, while putting in several hours of practice between lessons.

If you aren't able to practice with family or friends, it is best to take your lessons closer together.  You will need more lessons if you cannot practice, and your training will be more repetitious.  We will advance at a slower pace, because you must develop all motor memory and eye-hand coordination with us.

DMV Driver Safety Referrals:
If you've lost your license, or if you're afraid you might lose it due to a DMV driver safety referral, don't give up!  The majority of our customers who find themselves in this situation do get their license back!

We're very familiar with these situations.  We will work with you and the DMV to ensure that you'll have every opportunity to regain your driving independence.

Ideally, you can get your license back with full privileges; that's what we'll strive for.  For some, there may be reasonable alternatives that increase your chances of regaining your license.  If it seems appropriate, we may suggest that you pursue a restricted license.  Restrictions may include avoiding freeways, or limiting to specific routes near your home.  (e.g. routes to your doctor, grocery store, church, etc.)  If it seems appropriate, we will discuss these options, and we can help you communicate with your DMV Safety Officer with your best interests at heart.  We want you to keep your independence. 

Some of our customers are in their mid-'80's, and many have regained their licenses with full privileges!

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