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A Letter From the Owner - "Doing Things Differently"

March 16, 2017

Welcome Future Students and Family!

Every driving school says "We're the best!"  Well, we actually back it up with open, transparent policies in writing, so you know up-front that we stand behind our reputation.

We love scrutiny!  Scrutiny built our reputation.  We will continue to earn your trust every day.  Please don't choose any driving school without doing a little research.  Read online reviews.  Check each school's policies Your rights should be spelled out!  And the phone staff should have the knowledge and authority to address your concerns.

Some of our unique, open policies are below.  I promise You won't find these policies anywhere else!

Yes, parents can ride along!  It's up to you, but consider this: There are reasons most driving schools don't allow it, and it's not "for insurance reasons".  I said it before: We love scrutiny!  Even if you don't want to do this, you know we're proud of what we do!

We never have other students in the car!  Almost every other driving school "piggybacks" to increase profit.  This is a terrible practice!  Of course it's distracting, but it can also be dangerous because the student must drive to the next student's house, sometimes on freeways, ready or not!  We think your time should focus on you Not transporting strangers.  

We pay instructors well to retain only the best!  The majority of our friendly instructors have prior experience in law enforcement.  No "budget" driving school can maintain a team like ours!

 Our unparalleled "No Questions Asked" refund policy!  You'll get 100% of your money back for any prepaid behind the wheel lessons you don't wish to use.  Simple, right?  That's the way it should be.  Unfortunately, most driving schools strictly enforce a "no refunds, no exceptions" policy so if you're not satisfied, you're stuck and they keep your money for nothing.  (Although many people switch to us anyway!)  It's too bad our policy is so unique in the industry.  It's just the right way to do business.

New this year Video and audio surveillance in the vehicles.  We'll be rolling this out gradually in the coming months.  This tool helps establish consistent training, and if there are concerns I can personally review what happened.  Recordings cannot be viewed by anyone but myself, and will be destroyed within 14 days unless there is a legal order to preserve them.  (They are digitally encrypted and physically locked in the trunk.)  Recordings will never be used for any purpose other than quality assurance or to investigate any concerns.  Unfortunately recordings can not be provided to clients due to the extensive editing and conversion that would be necessary.  If you do not wish to be recorded, simply inform your instructor, who can disable this feature for the duration of your lesson.

Our clients have done their research.  They know we go out of our way to be the driving school you'll tell your friends about.  We haven't paid for advertising in several years.  I'm pretty confident more younger siblings of past students enroll with us than with any other school in the area.

Simply put: We do things differently!  We're very proud of our school, and we're proud of our students.  Doing things our way costs a little more, but it's our job to prove that every penny is well-spent.

Enroll right now from this website!  Or call (916) 381-3211 — and get to know us!

Paul Burton, Owner
West Point Driving School

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